Saturday morning classes are for Pre-Primary pupils through to Grade 3. Senior pupils also attend the Grade 3 Class for extra practise. Classes are scheduled for 45 mins or an hour.

Grades 4, 5 & 6 Classes are held on Wednesday evenings following examination classes.

I am planning a new Pre-Primary Class on a Saturday for 3 to 5 year olds both boys and girls. I have also had requests for a Boys Class and as their work in the lower grades is the same as the girls with one or two additions, we would welcome boys of all ages to our classes too.

If anyone looking at our website would like to come and join this class, I am sure all the pupils would love this.

Please phone if you are interested and would like any further information.

Please contact me (01992 573739) to confirm which class and time is  for you.


Pupils come from Waltham Abbey and surrounding areas. They are expected to attend classes regularly. Holidays and Illness, etc, should be advised. Should a pupil leave the school, parents are expected to advise prior to the end of term.